With a hefty number of years in the game, Brooklyn-born rapper AZ is all too familiar with the major vs. independent debate. And while speaking with TorontoRappers.com, the noted emcee didn’t hesitate in giving his opinion on which he thinks is the better route for up-and-coming artists.

AZ revealed that he’s personally not a fan of the 360 deal, but shared that he can understand why an artist would take that route.

“Me personally I wouldn’t do it, but you know artists wanna do what they gotta do,” said AZ in regards to artists and 360 deals with labels. “When I came in the game being signed to a major was a good thing cause they dealt with the publicity, getting your name out there. Which is good for artists, you know what I mean, I don’t think no one should come in the game say, ‘I’mma just do this independent if they money ain’t right.’ Cause they pay to play…It’s like playing chess or checkers or whatever you do. You say to yourself, ‘You know what? I’mma sign with the majors, but I’mma just give them two or three albums.’ Cause they might not go for the one off.”

Prior to speaking on the independent vs. major label debate, AZ gave props to a handful of Hip Hop newcomers including J. Cole and Drake, even referring to the latter as a “great lyricist.”

“Drake came through and did his thing. Honestly, he’s a great lyricist to me. He’s a great lyricist. I think I shouted that out in another interview. Him, J. Cole, there was a couple of other cats that I appreciate that’s on the come-up, that’s representing Hip Hop,” AZ explained. “And he doing it big for Canada. He doing it big for the game itself.”

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