Although Joe Budden’s newly-released A Loose Quarter mixtape may not boast a hefty number of features, the Jersey rapper has received much praise for the few collabs featured on the project including the Cardiak-produced “Cut From A Different Cloth” featuring TDE emcee Ab-Soul.

During an exclusive interview with HardKnock.TV, Budden spoke on working with Ab-Soul and revealed that the connection between the two artists was immediate. The Slaughterhouse rapper also added that his relationship with Ab-Soul is one that’s very much needed in Hip-Hop.

“Great artist, I won’t even belittle him and say he’s a great rapper,” said Budden in regards to Ab-Soul. “He’s a great artist so I reached out to him and we clicked. Some people you just click with. Ab was one of the people I clicked with immediately. As soon as we first said ‘hello’ to one another. It’s good to have those type of relationships in Hip Hop with people you generally get along with.”

Budden, who’s currently on the road as part of his solo tour, later shared what he believes are the major differences between touring solo and touring as part of a group.

“I don’t have to split no money. I mean that’s really just the biggest difference,” the rapper explained. “Me and those guys, me and my brothers, we have a camaraderie. We have a certain camaraderie and when we’re out there on that stage and it’s unmatched. And when I’m out there alone, naturally I’m alone, so you can’t look to your left and your right and see your family up there.”

Budden is currently at work creating his next solo album, No Love Lost.

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