Shyne isn’t giving up on his beef with Game. After releasing an acapella “Psalms 68 (Guns & Moses),” Po puts his verses to a Red McFly-produced beat for “Bury Judas,” which sees the former Bad Boy rapper going at the Compton, California emcee.

On the track, released via MTV’s RapFix, Shyne calls out Game by name, dropping a string of threats against the West Coast spitter. “This little busta named Game wanna rhyme like Po, so rhyme like go / I rhyme like I be climbin’ out that Rolls / The nine I let it blow, put five up in ya clothes / Headshots leave ya slumped reclining through ya door, oh,” he raps.

Over the ominous beat, he says he will even put an end to Chuck Taylor’s life. “I shoot the butterfly off your face/ And tell Jesus peace, smile at your wake,” he continues.

Listen to the track here.

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