It’s no secret that skateboarding has been a growing passion for Lil Wayne.

In an interview with MTV, the rapper discussed the appeal of his skateboard clothing brand, Trukfit.

“I think because it’s not trendy and it’s not what’s the norm,” explained Wayne. “People are tired of everything just being ‘what’s cool.’ Everybody’s wearing such and such, everybody’s doing such and such, and I don’t believe that’s what Trukfit is. Trukfit is just a bunch of little characters on a shirt, a bunch of sayings and stuff.”

Weezy also explained the nature of his involvement with the brand. “My designer sends [drafts] over to me in an email and I decline or approve, it’s that simple,” he said. “And the kids are enjoying it. And not only the kids, I have pro athletes hitting me up , sending me their addresses, like, ‘I need a box of that sent to me every month’ or ‘I’mma wear that to my press conference’ or ‘I’m gonna wear that when I sign my deal’ — so it’s really moving.”  

Wayne also explained the name of the brand. “There was a truck that would come around the neighborhood for the less-fortunate people that can’t go to those stores, and he would have those same items…for less.”

“If you were known to have that outfit, then it was not called an ‘outfit,’ it was called a ‘truckfit.'”

Watch the interview below:

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