Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has already had quite the whirlwind of a month thanks to his appearance in commercials for both Beats Audio and Adidas and to top it all off the rapper formerly known as Tity Boi will also serve as the cover artist for The Source’s annual “Man Of The Year” issue.

The issue features an in-depth interview with the rapper who spoke on his much talked about name change, breaking into the industry, and more. While speaking on his come up in the music industry 2 Chainz referred to the industry as being a zoo he’s all too familiar with.

“Those who haven’t been through that struggle don’t mind going to the zoo to pet the animals,” 2 Chainz explained. “They don’t wanna live in the zoo, but they don’t mind coming through. I’m someone who can show you around in a cool way where you don’t have to worry about getting eaten up.”

While speaking on the topic of his name change, 2 Chainz didn’t go into much detail in regards to what prompted the change, but did share that his music isn’t affected by either name.

“It wasn’t like my name made me rap better. I worked my ass off….It felt good to outdo myself and just be omnipresent and be a part of everything,” said the rapper.

The Source’s “Man Of The Year” issue featuring 2 Chainz will hit newsstands on December 4.

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