It’s safe to say that Shyne has had a headline-filled year. After reconciling with and later dissing Diddy, starting a feud with Rick Ross and then calling Kendrick Lamar’s debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d. city “trash,” Shyne has had several controversy-filled headlines. He’s even started a Rap beef with Game, with both releasing diss records. During a recent interview with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex, Shyne was asked to speak on a variety of topics to help clear the air. 

On Diddy, Shyne says he wanted to reconcile at first. However, he found it difficult.

“We all make mistakes and bad judgements. In that situation, he had been apologizing to me for the entire ten years that I was locked up. It was a constant thing. I wasn’t really trying to hear it because I know how that situation went down. It was never a case of me complaining because I got burned. It was a situation where my mans, somebody who was like my brother, called the witness to testify against me. I took that with me until the end of of my bid. Then, you get out and you move on… I’m thinking about the bigger picture because, despite what’s coming out in the media, I’m not trippin’. I want to be like Marcus Garvey. I want to be like Huey P. Newton. I want to see African Americans and Latin Americans like Barack Obama, having opportunities, making a way for themselves. I don’t want to see us in the penitentiary, all of us thuggin’ and buggin’ and being monsters. That’s not what I promote… I was trying to send the message that regardless of what happened, we can still reconcile.” 

He was also asked about Rick Ross. According to Shyne, Ross is rapping a bout a lifestyle that he never knew.

“When I’m making commentary on Ross, everything I’m saying is fact. He’s selling records based on a lie…If you’re making millions of dollars off of this life, help these kids get jobs. Help them stop selling dope.” 

Later in the interview, Shyne was asked about Kendrick Lamar’s album. He backtracked on earlier comments, where he stated that the album good kid, m.A.A.d. city was “trash.”

“I will give you this. It’s not a classic album. It’s not the greatest album I ever heard. Maybe the word trash was harsh.”

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