Tomorrow (October 30), emcee/producer Audible Doctor will release Doctorin on Money Maker Entertainment. The Instrumental album finds the Brown Bag AllStar affiliate and Wisconsin native releasing his latest full-length. Hip Hop legend Large Professor is co-executive producing the project along with veteran manager Gustavo Guerra.

Previously, Audible Doctor has produced for Joell Ortiz, Homeboy Sandman and Has-Lo.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. What I Need
2. Say Yeah
3. Lunchroom Table Top
4. Queen’s Lament
5. Messin’ My Mind
6. Doing This
7. One For Pro
8. Distorted Reality
9. The King’s Travels
10. Warm Pavement
11. Two The Chambers
12. The Departed

[October 29]

UPDATE: Audible Doctor has released a full stream of his instrumental album Doctorin, executive produced by Large Professor. Listen to the LP below (via Complex).

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