Former Cash Money artist Turk spent nearly the last nine years in prison due to a plea deal in a second-degree murder case.

Since that time, Lil Wayne became one of Hip Hop’s biggest stars, even reaching the rarified air of selling one million albums in a week.

Still, Turk finds Wayne’s position unsurprising. “To see Lil Wayne, Baby, the whole Cash Money doin’ they thing, it’s not a surprise to me, because I know how Cash Money rock,” said Turk in an interview with MTV News.

“They get it in, you know what I’m saying? That’s what we all come from. We come from that. We come from doing a whole album in a week. Mannie Fresh get in the studio, we all get in the studio … ‘What you got? Let me hear something.’ Then bam! He put the beat, we put the rap and there it go. So when I was hearing Lil Wayne was doing all these mixtapes, doing all these features, people in jail and people on the phone when I’m callin’ home be like, ‘Yo, man, your dog doin’ this and this and that,’ it wasn’t no surprise to me. I don’t know why it was a surprise to the world. But I always knew that Wayne was gonna be how he is, ’cause he was focused.”

Watch the interview below:

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