Game most recently unveiled the controversial cover art for his upcoming album Jesus Piece, and he’s planning on ruffling feathers with the LP’s content. During an interview with, Jayceon Taylor spoke on a cut he has with Trey Songz for which he’s hoping to get a Nicki Minaj verse. On the cut, he talks about walking out of the back door of a church and immediately hitting up a strip club.

“Nicki, she hasn’t done it yet. I sent it to her. It’s a song with me and Trey on it, and I figure like let me reach for Nicki and we got in touch and she said she’ll kill it, but she’s doing major work making major money,” he said. “But she’ll get to it. But the song’s going to be dope, man. It’s basically about walking out of church. It’s basically like, walking out of the back door of the church and falling into the front door of a strip club.”

The West Coast rapper talked about trying to balance his religion with his nature. The struggle comes across on the song, and Game’s already anticipating backlash from the song.

“I want to get the word and I want my belief to be in God, but at the same time, I want to see that ass clap. I don’t even know if that’s blasphemy or something like that, but a lot of poeple are going to be happy about the album, there’s going to be some people who are a little angry about it. But when have I not made people mad?”

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