Although he has been dissed by Gucci Mane, Young Joc does not seem too bothered by it. In fact, he is asking Gucci to continue dissing him, adding that he wants more. When Joc was recently asked about the diss, he said he respected Gucci for it, asked him to go harder and then promised his own diss coming soon.

“The guy is a master at getting his name in your mouth,” he told The Loud Pack. “It sounds crazy but it is what it is. He’s learned how to do it. He’s done it several times, over and over again. You gotta salute that, whether you like it or not.” 

Joc also begged for more disses, saying it is boosting his social media status. 

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“Gucci, if you listening, dog, I love you, man. Keep dissin’, please. Diss me again. Do it some more. Matter of fact, someone need to call Gucci right now. Hit him on Instagram. Hit him on Twitter. Gucci, you need to go in harder. Diss Joc some more. If it’s gonna get people talking about me, blowing my social media status up, do it some more but this time, go harder.” 

Joc went on to promote singles with T-Pain and 2 Chainz before promising his own diss towards Gucci coming soon. The interview can be seen below.

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