While on MTV’s “RapFix Live” in recent weeks, DMX expressed appreciation for a question Chi-Ali asked him, and showed love to the recently released-from-prison emcee.

In response, Ali commented on X’s place in Hip Hop history on “RapFix Live.”

“Much love to [DMX],” began Ali, who discussed Dark Man X’s storied history as a battler. “X been around for a long time, and for those that don’t know, X was dope. X was one of those dudes that was battling. He was one of those original battle dudes that was going around and was just smokin’ dudes.”

“Energy, and his rhymes, he had like eight million rhymes. If you were better than him, you didn’t have more rhymes than him,” added Chi-Ali.

The Native Tongues member expressed a belief that DMX’s life was headed in a positive direction. “Much love to X. Everybody goes through their trials and tribulations, but he’s been looking good, doing good. I can’t point a finger or judge anybody. I’m blessed. I’m happy to be accepted.”

Watch the interview below:

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