Details in regards to the fight that included Miami rapper Gunplay and alleged members of 50 Cent’s entourage have continued to emerge following the melee which took place in a parking lot during the taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards on September 29.

While appearing on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Bad Boy artist Machine Gun Kelly offered up another account of what went down during the taping of the awards show. According to the rapper, just minutes prior to the fight 50 Cent made a few sarcastic comments about Diddy outside of the Bad Boy Records founder’s trailer.

“I was about to go say ‘what’s up’ and introduce myself to Gunplay right when that was about to happen,” MGK explained. “Right before that happened Fifty came up to Puff – I think it was the other way around…I don’t like to stay in one place I like to roam and just look at people so I was just roaming through the trailers and I just remember Fifty coming up outside of Puff’s trailer and being like, but Puff was on the inside of his trailer so he said to somebody and was like, ‘What kind of money Puff say he was getting again? I can count that shit on one hand man’…I thought it was all funny and sarcastic and then two seconds later the whole Gunplay thing popped off.”

Following Machine Gun Kelly’s commentary on the scuffle, the topic of fight versus flight came up and the Cleveland rapper spoke on an incident in which he thought he was on the verge of an incident similar to Gunplay’s.

“In Philly, we pulled up to the radio station and there was a black SUV outside of it and it was two black dudes in the SUV,” said the rapper in a video posted on “And right when I hopped out the thing I heard, ‘Man, fuck Cleveland. Fuck them Browns. Fuck Machine Gun Kelly.’ And the first thing I’m thinking and I put myself in the position, I put myself in the Gunplay position. I was like the first thing I thought was someone’s trying to World Star me right now so I was like, ‘Fuck you!’”

Machine Gun Kelly appeared on The Breakfast Club this morning (October 11) to promote his debut album, Lace Up, which was released on October 9.

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