According to reports, 50 Cent has hired a team of investigators to look into Chris Lighty’s death. Lighty passed away in August of this year in what was ruled a suicide by medical examiners. However, Fox 5 in New York is reporting that 50 Cent hired a team to investigate the matter further, at the request of Lighty’s mother. 

50 Cent was one of Lighty’s many clients. Upon hearing that Lighty was dead, 50 shared his feelings, as we reported.

“Chris has been an important part of my business and personal growth for a decade,” 50 explained. “He was a good friend and advisor who helped me develop as an artist and businessman. My prayers are with his family. He will be greatly missed.” 

Chris’ brother, Dave Lighty, also reacted to the news publicly, sharing that he did not believe he committed suicide. 

“I want the truth to come out. This isn’t my brother. My brother was a strong person…nothing is adding up. I can’t get a direct answer from anybody…I understand there’s a process to be followed. I can’t even get clear answers from people I think I should be getting clear answers from,” he shared.

Fox 5’s report can be seen below:

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