Bangladesh stirred up some controversy last month, stating that he doesn’t think that Swizz Beatz is “relevant.” After Swizzy responded by calling him a clown, the “A Milli” producer said that his comments were taken out of context and that he retracted his words.

In an interview with, Bangladesh now confirms that he said the comment about Swizz but that the journalist who published the article blew up his statement without him being able to elaborate. “I said it, but the interview wasn’t about that. When I said that, it wasn’t about that because I didn’t elaborate what I meant,” he said. “So [the journalist] just took it and ran with it and made it bigger than what it actually was. It wasn’t even about Swizz. I wasn’t attacking another black man.”

He said that he knows Swizz saw his apology on Twitter and that they’re all good. “Swizz, we go way back, man. We did business already, so I already talked to the man through Twitter. I know he seen it. He ain’t respond, but it’s all good. It ain’t nothing, man.”

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