Though Beanie Sigel just released his sixth studio album, This Time, it doesn’t mean he never thinks of his older projects.

In an interview with Complex, the former Roc-A-Fella emcee recalls dropping his acclaimed album The B. Coming, and how Def Jam didn’t work the project properly. “The B. Coming, that came out when I was incarcerated, too. It went gold with no promotion, nothing,” explained Beans. ‘I did seven videos in two days and only one got airtime, and that was ‘Feel it in the Air.'”

“Def Jam/Universal dropped the ball on that album,” elaborated Beans, who looked at the project as a missed opportunity. “If I can go gold from sitting inside a jail cell, with no promotion or nothing, if they would have paid a little bit more attention to the album and seen what it was doing, then that could have been a platinum album. There’s no telling what it could have been if I was out.”

“They dropped the album about five months before I was released. I adamantly requested for the album not to be released, for it to be released on my release date so I can capitalize off of that album monetarily. But they just threw it to the wolves. When I came home, they admitted their mistake. They dropped the ball on that album.”

Sigel also discussed regrets about his relationship with Jay-Z, which went from a friendship to a one-sided beef, with Sig slinging bars at his old boss. Interestingly, the Broad Street Bully referenced some wisdom courtesy of Hov. “Jay got a song on Reasonable Doubt where he says, ‘You gotta learn to live with regrets.’ You can’t take it back. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a present. Unwrap it and enjoy the gift, man.”

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