LL Cool J thawrted a robbery after an intruder broke into his home last night.

According to TMZ, the suspect entered his Los Angeles, California residence at 2 a.m. LL, who was in the home at the time, heard some commotion coming from downstairs and decided to check it out.

The burglar tripped the alarm system, altering the cops, but LL took matters into his own hands by engaging in a brawl. LL detained the intruder until the LAPD arrived a few minutes later to arrest him.

The intruder will be charged with burglarly and ended up with a few bruises, while LL remained unscathed.

(August 22)

UPDATE: Additional reporting by CNN has revealed that LL Cool J did more than just bruise his home invader. The longtime Def Jam Records superstar and actor allegedly broke burgular Jonathan Kirby’s nose, ribs and jaw while detaining him. Kirby has been convicted of previous crimes, including involuntary manslaughter, and is reportedly awaiting a $1.1 million bail.

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