Inglewood, California emcee/producer Binky Mack has announced his first musical release in nearly eight years. The co-founder of Allfrumtha i will release The Black Republican, a mixtape, on September 4.

“As far as the name, I always listen to conservative radio – disagreeing with some, but agreeing with some of it as well,” Binky said in a statement. “I felt I was already rolling with the Democrats, so let me listen to the enemy…but, Republicans make a lot of sense. One example, they believe in getting out there and making it happen, instead of depending on the government to do it for you. I’m rollin’. But, overall, I am independent. I think for myself – God first.”

Regarding the musical content on The Black Republican, the collaborator of Westside Connection, Ant Banks and CJ Mac added, “The music is a few new pieces with some of the dope stuff I’ve had sitting around. I am still listening back and forth to see which songs will actually make it. Things are coming together well though. But, I am coming with 10 songs that I feel are bangin’. I want to get back to the Slick Rick days…Big Daddy Kane, Whodini [era]. Where I put in all the work. I produced the whole thing, besides one that DonDoe did. But, there will be a few guest spot surprises [as well].”

According to a press release, Binky Mack plans to release an EP following the mixtape. Additionally, Allfrumtha i will soon release a Greatest Hits compilation, along with a fourth studio album.

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