While analyzing his own purple tape, Raekwon began to reminisce. The Wu-Tang emcee recently did this with 3 Little Digs, reminding himself and others of the ’90s. In his trip down memory lane, The Chef explained that he was never meant to go solo but that he was excited for his first release, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

“I wasn’t supposed to do a solo,” he shared in the interview, before candidly explaining why he wasn’t jumping to do work without his Wu brethren. “I was scared.” 

However that changed once The Chef began working on his project. 

“I was amped when we made this,” he said while holding the tape. “I was talkin’ movie shit and everything…But I didn’t know it was gonna pop off like that.”

When pondering about the success of the tape, Rae noted that it was realistic and relatable to many.  

“This started a nation of goons, man, a nation of political goons that came through,” he added. “Niggas really love this shit because they believed a nigga.

More can be seen in the video below: 

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