Los f. Paypa – “I Don’t Fuck Wit That”

I’m really looking forward to Los’ career taking off. His lyrics are on point, and he could still live on the radio if forced to go the Pop-Rap route. This track is pretty catchy. Los comes through at the opening with “This that sniper swag – long distance damage,” and from there he’s sharp-shooting the whole time. The beat sounds cautiously optimistic, and by the time Paypa jumps in with some favorably arrogant bars, the song’s reached a perfect balance. I feel like both of these guys are slept-on in Hip Hop, and it really needs to change. The upside though is that their productivity stays consistent, their rhymes keep getting better, and before you know it they’ll no longer need to be written up in a column about great songs that slipped through the sonic cracks on our site. For Los, perhaps Becoming King will change the tides for him. Here’s to hoping – Kathy Iandoli (@kath3000)

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Durag Dynasty – “The World’s Most Dangerous”

Planet Asia is having his best year in close to a decade, at least from a fan’s perspective. Black Belt Theatre was one of the first half of 2012’s biggest surprises as P.A. found the perfect musical complement to his brash, informed delivery. Teaming up with Alchemist for a full project on the back half of the year is a welcomed bonus. Tri State, who’s been paying dues for what seems like forever and Killer Ben balance out the clique that showcases West Coast lyricism with funky backdrops and weed-scented samples. Although the collective has made appearances previously (including a dope segue on Al’s Russian Roulette), this is the first musical peak at 360 Waves , and by the sound of “The World’s Most Dangerous,” those waves are most welcome. – Jake Paine (@Citizen__Paine)

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Murs & Fashawn – “Slash Gordan”

Initially I thought Murs and Fashawn’s “Slash Gordan” was a one-off track from some old recording session when it first appeared on the DJ Muggs-hosted Rock The Bells 2012 mixtape. So it was a nice surprise this week when Duck Down announced that not only was it new but the first leak off a full collaborative album due out – fingers crossed – in September. It really is a perfect pairing, voices that are impossible to confuse in the way they occupy contrasting registers and ride the beat – Fashawn a bit more pinched and up high, at times sounding more impatient than the gruff Murs who might as well have his feet up on the four count. An interchange that is completely conversational but still a little competitive, calling to mind duos like Ghostface and Raekwon, Meth and Red or Em and Royce, Fashwan and Murs are also versatile, within four bars they blend sharp punchlines like calling “niggas cosmetic as Revlon” with poignant memoir-based rhymes like “I was that broke kid the never had a Megatron so I stole it from the rich kids that’s why we couldn’t get along.” And if the beats on the whole album are as good as the Belafonte-meets-Budgie magic heard on “Slash Gordan,” This Generation could be a Best of 2012 contender. -Michael Sheehan

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