Lupe Fiasco has been on a media tour for his upcoming album Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, but he took some time out to help feed hundreds of people in his native Chicago, Illinois. According to WBEZ, the Atlantic Records recording artist plans to feed 100 people a day during Ramadan.

Yesterday (July 31st), he provided locals with vegan food from Soul Vegan Food. Englewood residents lined up for vegan ribs, macaroni and greens at the Payless Grocery on 69th and Ashland.

“It may seem like it’s insignificant, but you never know who’s going to walk away with something and what’s the best way to put it but juxtapose it next to the thing, which is the most visited thing in the community, which is the corner store,” he said.

The Inner City Muslim Action Network is behind the initiative, titled “Muslim Run,” to encourage corner stores to stock more nutritious food.

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