Upon releasing his new album,Life is Good, Nas spoke about the growth he’s experienced between his first and latest projects. The QB emcee spoke with Fuse about the changes he’s seen in himself within those years and how he went from saying “life’s a bitch” to “life is good.” 

When asked what he would change about his debut album, 1994’s Illmatic, Nas revealed something he had difficulty expressing before. He acknowledged that while he couldn’t always say this to himself, he felt the album was “perfect.” 

“Nothing,” he said of what he would change on the disc. “It’s nine songs on there. The intro makes it ten but it’s only nine songs. I think it’s a perfect record. It’s a perfect record. I couldn’t say that before but there are so many different dynamics to it.” 

Nas then went on to explain how elements from that album have influenced several others, including his photograph on the front of the disc, a trait seen on other projects since. 

However, beyond that, he also spoke on the changes he has experienced through the years. He noted patience as something he’s learned more about with time. He also shared that his children have had a resounding impact on him since the release of his first album, one that featured songs like “Memory Lane (Sittin’ in da Park)” and “Life’s a Bitch,” a track he referenced in this interview while taking a short trip back in time. 

“Back then, I said, ‘Life’s a bitch.’ Today I say, ‘Life is good.'”

The saying references his album title, of course. So Nas was asked about how he’d rate Life is Good, released this week. 

Life is Good is excellence. I would say it’s Hip Hop excellence and I realize how much better I could have made it so now I’m in a zone.”   

The video for the interview can be seen below:

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