After Lady Gaga began speaking about Kendrick Lamar on Twitter, rumors started flying. Recently, Kendrick Lamar spoke about their friendship to clarify matters, explaining that Gaga is a “real good friend” and that he hopes the two of them can collaborate in the future. 

“That’s a real good friend… a real good friend,” Kendrick explained to The Source when asked about his connection to Lady Gaga.

When asked if there would be a collaborative track between both artists in the future, K. Dot explained that he hopes that is the case but that he’s content with a friendship. 

“God willing,” he replied. “For now, I just like the friendship thing.”

Earlier this week, Gaga shared this via her Twitter account:

This weekend, Gaga showed her support by attending Kendrick Lamar’s set at Pitchfork’s Music Festival. She also sent this message out via Twitter: 

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