Some old friends are appearing this week. German production duo The Snowgoons have worked extensively with La Coka Nostra’s Ill Bill and Slaine on past albums. This time, the pair is working with Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah and longtime Clan affiliate Killah Priest as well as Aspects and Swisha T. 88-Keys protege Nemo Achida also puts down with his first appearance in the Sunday segment. All tracks are videos, providing cool visuals as the summer gets hotter and hotter.

Nemo Achida – “Soundtrack”

Truth be told, the only rappers I really knew from Kentucky were Nappy Roots for a good, long while. It feels like with Hip Hop nowadays, though, that many different regions across the country are popping up and making some good music. I must admit, I didn’t know too much about Nemo Achida until this song. The Lexington, Kentucky native put together a smooth little track with “Soundtrack.” Produced by Nemo Achida himself, the song’s beat – with keys, strings, and percussion (I think I hear some horns in there too) – makes for a really laid back cut that almost has an ambient feel to it. It definitely puts you in a zone. The video for this one is pretty hot too, directed by Dylan Knight, where we get a feel of Nemo’s hometown. While I’m new to his style and sound, I’ll be checking for him again for sure. Looking forward to his LP Conversations With Myself. – Kathy Iandoli (@kath3000)

Soundtrack (official video) by Nemo Achida from Nemo Achida on Vimeo.

La Coka Nostra – “Mind Your Business”

My favorite Non-Phixion record was always “Rock Stars.” There is something really great about DJ Premier’s more energetic beats met with an amped-up Ill Bill verse. Adding Slaine and La Coka Nostra to the mix just makes sense, in this song that puts Rap gossip in the cross-hairs. True, Ill Bill waves off some questions that his fan may like to know, but whether or not we fully grasp or have the dish as to why the group broke up or the state of the Brothers Braunstein, nothing changes the fact that LCN makes great music. The video, including shots of HeadCourterz, a smoke-blowing O.C. and underground Hip Hop linchpin DJ Eclipse just captures a vibe that I love in Hip Hop.  Masters Of The Dark Arts is coming later this month, and “Mind Your Business” is a great appetite wheter for LCN’s sophomore studio album. – Jake Paine (@Citizen__Paine)

Listen to “Mind Your Business” by La Coka Nostra

Snowgoons f. Aspects, Ghostface Killah, Swisha T & Killah Priest – “The Cypher”

I know beggars can’t be choosers and that It’s better to just wish for a “Wu-Block” release date than entirely new Wu-related projects. However I’d still like to go on record and say that the collaboration that is at the top of my list is a Ghostface / Killah Priest album. Just listen to them contributing 32 flawless bars to GZA’s “4th Chamber” and then back together working the same magic 15 years later on the opening track of Ghost’s Apollo Kids. And now thanks to the latest leak off prolific German production team Snowgoons’ upcoming Snowgoons Dynasty album we get another round of Ghost gems like “Santa Claus bags of coke so heavy his motherfuckin’ sleigh broke” and “mask and gloves with the bulldog snub, the liquid Drano and acid is next to the tub” offset by cosmic Priest (whose “interests in insects is vintage”) lines like “green as the life, skies seasoned with light, shalom to the moon, you are a beautiful bright.” Now this urban wasteland yin to majestic nature yang wouldn’t be anything without solid production and here is where The Snowgoons come in with a beat that’s loose and restrained and simply rocks hard when the emcees are added to the mix. So how about a ten track KillahGoons album, due out, let’s say January 2013? -Michael Sheehan

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