N.O.R.E. previously revealed that his upcoming album would be titled S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G., but he’s had a change of heart. During an interview with XXLMag.com, he said that he planned on releasing the movie “Super Thug” in conjunction with the album, but the film company suggested that if the album didn’t contain music from the movie, it shouldn’t have the same title.

“I kinda agreed with them,” he said. “I felt I should hold it together but make it two separate entities. I said I’ll leave the movie ‘Super Thug.’”

Referring to himself as a “fan of the game,” the New York rapper explained that he wanted to recapture the essence of Hip Hop. He said that he wants to mix more contemporary producers and emcees like 2 Chainz and Jahlil Beats with Large Professor and DJ Premier.

“I thought long and hard, said I want to incorporate the new music and incorporate what I love from my era,” he explained. “You might hear a Jahlil Beats and the next beat is Pete Rock. You might hear a Dreddy beat and the next joint is produced by Primo [DJ Premier]. I’m not opposed to what’s going on right now. I love what’s going on right now. You might hear me with a Titty 2 Chainz on one record, then I might reach out to Large Professor. I was just thinking how do you enjoy the hip-hop you came from and say then say, ‘Look muthafucka, I know what’s going on’?”  

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