New York emcees Prodigy and Keith Murray have had a feud dating back as far as 1995. Stemming from lyrics on the LL Cool J “I Shot Ya Remix,” which both rappers appeared on, a New York nightclub altercation occurred soon after when Keith Murray confronted, then assaulted the Mobb Deep co-founder.

With diss songs on both Murray and Mobb albums such as Enigma and Hell On Earth respectively, as well as in various interviews throughout the last 17 years, the pair appear to be formally reconciled. Busta Rhymes was recently photographed with the pair. Early this morning (June 17), Prodigy acknowledged the photo on his Twitter account, calling it “Dope.”

Keith Murray has yet to publicly speak on the matter. In 2007, he waved off notions in a HipHopDX interview, “We ain’t really trade [diss] records. He said something in a record, but I made a record . But nah, it ain’t no beef with Prodigy. That’s dead and old.” However, just one year later, Prodigy again was taking verbal shots at Murray, reviving the conflict.

Next month, Prodigy is slated to release H.N.I.C. 3 on July 3. Murray released a project with Canibus, The Undergods last year.