Compton rapper Game is no stranger when it comes to issues between other artists, but following an incident allegedly involving both Chris Brown and Drake this week the rapper is calling for a truce between both artists.

TMZ caught up with Game to get his thoughts on the altercation which took place at W.i.P. in New York City.

“Come on what kinda questions ya’ll be asking man,” said Game when asked if Chris Brown vs. Drake would become the equivalent of Tupac vs. Biggie. “Chris Brown is like my little brother man. Drake is a cool dude man. They just need to cut that out. It ain’t worth it.”

While Game hopes for peace between Drake and Chris Brown he revealed that he’s in no position to be mediator between the two artists.

“I can’t be ambassador man. I’m just a cool cat man. Imma stay out of they beef and let them do them,” Game explained. “It’s for the bird’s man.”

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