Last year, Washington D.C. rapper Rise-Ascend and Swedish producer Direction linked up as a duo to release their album Hurry Up, Tell the World. Now, it looks like the duo has joined forces with a non-profit organization to raise awareness about human rights violations in China.

According to a recent press release, Rise-Ascend and Direction partnered with US non-profit organization Music to Stop the Persecution to release an EP titled Behind the Wall. The EP, which also features production from Atlanta producer Big Juice, focuses on issues of the freedom of thought and religion in China, as well as the harvesting of human organs by the Chinese government. 

This isn’t the first time that Rise-Ascend and Direction have worked with Music to Stop the Persecution. The organization’s website hosted the duo’s Hurry Up, Tell the World project, which focused on the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese government.

In lieu of monetary payment for the project, Music to Stop the Persecution requires listeners to share the EP with five or more family members or friends before being able to download the project through their website.

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