According to rapper Kendrick Lamar, in “the next two or three weeks” fans will finally be treated to the visuals for his “The Recipe” single featuring Dr. Dre. The Compton rapper recently caught up with XXL magazine and spoke a little more in-depth about the music video.

“It’s exactly what the song is talking about. Me and Dre just wanting to have fun really,” said Kendrick when asked what fans can expect from the video. “It’s some beautiful women, some beautiful visuals of the city, skyline. A few of the homies, you know you gotta have Top Dawg in there. Just having fun man and bringing that whole feel of just L.A. love back to where it rightfully deserves to be.”

Kendrick also spoke on the reception “The Recipe” has received thus far explaining that he wanted his first single to be more of a warm-up track than a huge radio hit.

“I look at it as one of them introduction singles not like single singles. I didn’t wanna jump out there with one of them big over the top crossover joints like that,” Kendrick explained. “I wanted to stick with what I’ve been doing. That song’s not far from ‘P&P,’ ‘A.D.H.D.’ It’s still got that feel you know what I mean? I didn’t wanna go all the way into radio. I just wanted to warm it up.”

Although a title for Kendrick’s debut album has been revealed, Good Kid In A Mad City, it has yet to receive an official release date.

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