Big K.R.I.T. recently stopped by PNC Radio for an interview on “The Combat Jack Show,” speaking on a slew of topics from why he no longer smokes marijuana and signing with Def Jam to release his debut Live from the Underground, in stores today.

During the discussion, the Meridian, Mississippi rapper reflected on almost giving up on his dreams of having a career in Hip Hop, stating that he contemplated a life as a railroad worker.

“The end of 2009, actually walking back to the crib from Publix with some noodles and shit and my phone was off, but you could get receiving calls. Johnny Shipes had called and was like, ‘What you doing?’ … He was like I want to work with you for six months, no paperwork. I was like, cool,” he said. “Just that fast, God was like, I got you. Because I was going to go back to the crib and work on the railroad, which is not a bad job. I coulda straight had the crib, the house, the car, so that was plan B. But it worked out for me, and I’m getting the opportunity to do what I love.”

Listen to the full interview below.

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