Saigon has put Rick Ross on blast for promoting the “destruction of our community” by rapping about topics that are detrimental to the Hip Hop realm. During an interview with SOHH (via HHNM), Sai took down the Maybach Music Group honcho, criticizing those that support his career despite the fact that he delivers extravagant raps. 

“Why y’all supportin’ a nigga that promotes the destruction of our community? Why are you doin’ that? Why would you let this nigga thrive and we don’t know where our next jobs are coming from?” he said. “He’s rapping about selling kilos of cocaine and selling drugs. This is what he’s about, this whole lifestyle saying he’s so rich and he eats shrimp every night, and y’all support this shit? Y’all broke and poor and your family’s about to get kicked out. That’s our hit, son! That’s his hit. Nobody knows the words to this song, all they know is “ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass.” [Background noises] We don’t care about “ass, ass, ass, ass,” but this is the society we livin’ in right now. So it’s like alright.”

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[May 25]

UPDATE: Saigon has clarified his comments that were published yesterday on, stating that they were misconstrued.

“Ross is my nigga and I never singled him out abt the fucked up state of Hip Hop… 99% of the artist make that shit so it wouldnt make sense to single out Rick Ross…..,” he tweeted.

“@rickyrozay Peace my Nigga, I have no idea where that bullshit on that website came from homie. U know its all love over here, alsways been,” he continued. “@rickyrozay I thought niggas was done using me to look like the the Disgruntled Postal Worker of rap…. Salute ya grind all day.”

“Ross is one of the few niggas who ever extended his hand to me before. Mad love for @rickyrozay so with that said. Its a dead issue. MRA,” wrote Sai. “As I said the last time I seen @rickyrozay He said “if U need anything, just holla” I never did but he extended that to me. Thats Love. I would never shit on a person who extended his hand to me to help me… Yall are some real STUPID muthafuckas… LOL.”

[May 26]

UPDATE #2: After Saigon said that his words were misconstrued, SOHH has now released audio confirming that his original statements were true.

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