King Louie is the latest emcee out of Chicago to get a major label deal, as it has been revealed that the rapper has sign with Epic Records in order to drop his debut album Dope & Shrimp.

Louie spoke on the signing in an interview with “[W]e’ve been back and forth to LA lately, and the second time we were out there, we went out there to meet with Epic,” he revealed. “We hollered at them, we came back to Chicago, the lawyers talked and we worked everything out. We came to the right agreement, and did the deal. We actually signed the deal in Chicago, though.”

Louie confirmed that the deal would be a partnership between Epic and Lawless Inc., the latter of which is a Chicago-based label started by Larry Wilson and John Monopoly.

“We were gonna release it as an album on Lawless before Epic came into the picture, but Epic stepped in,” explained Louie. “They said they could help get it out there better than we could, and get it in certain markets we wouldn’t have been able to touch. So we decided to go with them.”

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