On August 6, 2002, Houston Hip Hop icon Scarface unleashed his seminal Def Jam debut The Fix. Now, nearly ten years later, HipHopWired chopped it up with Face to discuss the lasting legacy of his critically acclaimed solo LP.

Scarface said that while he had no idea that the album would be as heralded as it proved to be, he realized that he was on to something special when he was able to feature both Jay-Z and Nas on the same project at the height of their beef. He also said that what he feels really helped push the project over the edge was the production of Kanye West on songs like “Guess Who’s Back” and “Heaven.” 

“I had no idea when I was recording that record what it was gonna do, I just knew that it felt good. I know that I got Nas and Jay-Z on my album at the same time while they was feuding,” he said. “I was at the most comfortable point in my life when I was recording The Fix, so maybe that’s why it’s such a classic album. I caught [what] I call the beginning Kanye, like when Kanye was first [gaining notoriety]. He was about making beats, so he was just feeding me dope-ass shit I could rap to. Kanye is semi-responsible for the success of that album.”

Face is currently work on his latest project Rooted. Check out the full interview over at HipHopWired.

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