With Swizz Beatz supporting his movement, A$AP Rocky recently opened up about their relationship and his own new album. Rocky explained that his bond with Beatz goes beyond music and shared that his project will be diverse. 

“I always dreamed of working with a guy like him,” Rocky said of Beatz while on 106 & Park. “When I first met him, it wasn’t even on some music tip. I was calling him when I was having girlfriend problems. I’m like, ‘Yo, man. I need some advice.’ He was in New Zealand or something, somewhere in a whole different timezone. Our relationship’s been cool since then.”

Rocky also talked about his latest project, saying that it has something for “everybody.” 

“It’s trill,” he said of his next effort. “It’s dope. I think everybody’s gon’ like it. It’s diverse. With most artists, you get their album and everything sounds the same. With me, you’ll get different sounds. If you don’t like this track, you’ll like that track. If not, you gon’ like them all.

While on the show, Swizz Beatz also discussed the importance of supporting music and art programs in schools. For a video of the interview, check below. 

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