Rapper Solar has announced his return after two years of keeping a low profile.

Solar, who kept close ties with Guru in the final years of his life, told AHH that he plans to hit the road with a newly formed Jazzmatazz band, inspired by Guru’s series of albums. Members of the group come from Living Colour.

“Nothing like a pro-filled jazz-ed band live. Add in a horn section, percussion, rappers, guest artists and you got a killer concert,” Solar told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “It’s a music and culture mix – a concert like no other. I also get to honor Guru – just by getting Jazzmatazz back on tour.”

Solar explained why he disappeared from the public eye since Guru’s death in August 2010.“It took me a long time to pick up the pieces – make decisions. […] Losing Guru was a lot to deal with but now I know I can move on.

“With Jazzmatazz’ 20th anniversary next year, Guru just might be smiling over the fact we will be playing out live again,” he continued.

Solar hopes to rekindle the pride he felt in collaborating with Guru, and hopes that fans will feel the same way. “Jazzmatazz was Guru’s at first but when I joined, Jazzmatazz became our pride and joy,” he said. “I hope to rekindle that pride, that joy and by doing touring, I’m carrying on Guru’s legacy. I think it is a fitting tribute to my brother from another mother and to the fans who have been wondering about Jazzmatazz since his passing.”

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