Producer Easy Mo Bee, known for his work with several artists including The Notorious B.I.G., is now working on a new James Brown remix project. According to a video interview from Respect Da Vets, Mo Bee linked up with James Brown’s son and pitched his idea. During the video, Mo Bee also shares his take on today’s Hip Hop, calling it a “stagnant period.”

“I met James Brown’s son,” Mo Bee explained. “His name is Daryl Brown. I gave him the idea that the catalogue of James Brown needs to be flipped. It needs to be remixed. He was all for the idea.”

Mo Bee went on to share that investors were brought into the fold and that he’s ready to “rock out” with the remixes.

“We went and got some investors. It took a while, too. We went through about 3 or 4 different ones but finally we settled on somebody that is ready and we’re comfortable with him. In a minute, we gettin’ ready to rock out.” 

When talk turned to the current state of Hip Hop, Mo Bee sounded off on the culture, saying he feels it is in a “stagnant period.”

“I like the evolution of Hip Hop but we need to try something new,” he noted. “Right now, I feel like we in the midst of a stagnant period. We not really trying anything new. A lot of people are copying each other.”

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