Curren$y is currently prepping the release of his new album The Stoned Immaculate, due in stores on June 5th. Linking with Life + Times, Spitta broke down “Audio Dope III,” a cut from the LP, explaining the line “What car chases are made of” but insisting that listeners will understand the rest.

“Jet Life is pretty much out front like what it is. I say what’s going on. The only thing I felt like was in that verse that might have maybe caught somebody off-guard and had to be explained is ‘What car chases is made of,’” he said. “Like if you flipping and can’t find nothing on TV, and you run across world’s fuckin’ wildest car chases or some shit, you might watch that for a little while. That’s all I mean. This is shit that you gon’ fuck with.”

He continued by spitting the song acapella. “What car chases are made of / Get high, give mothafuckers what they came for / On-sight appraisal / You ain’t worth shit streaks on newspaper,” he raps.

Watch the video below.

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