Plies is off the hook in a club shooting that took place at one of his concerts in 2006.

According to The Gainesville Sun, a judge overturned a jury’s verdict that made Plies liable for a shooting that occurred at 238 West on West University Avenue in Gainesville, Florida. He was initially arrested after the shooting and charged with carrying a concealed weapon, to which he pleaded no contest.

His attorney, Robert Rush, says Plies was busy taking pictures with fans when the shooting took place. “There was no evidence that he even knew who fired the shots when the shooting occurred,” he said.

Circuit Judge Mary Day Coker concurred and wrote on March 28th that “no evidence was presented during trial to support the allegations that Defendant Washington possessed a gun in the Club on July 2, 2006, no evidence that he fired a gun, no evidence that he entrusted a gun to any person who fired a gun, and no evidence that he knew that anyone had a gun in the Club that night.”

Plies might still have to pay $40,000 to five plaintiffs injured in the shootings.

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