For his upcoming sophomore album O.N.I.F.C., Wiz Khalifa plans to include a collaboration with Cam’ron – one of two that they recorded. During an interview with Hard Knock TV, the Taylor Gang leader explained why he didn’t put the track on his mixtape Taylor Allderdice and how the duet came to be.

“Cam’s not on the mixtape, Cam’s on the album. I did that more justice than putting it on the mixtape, because I’ve been waiting for that collaboration forever,” he said. “First of all, I’ve been a huge Cam’ron fan forever. Him and Snoop Dogg are my favorite rappers. I’ve been trying to get up with Cam for a long time, but it never really happened. My man [Sam] Crespo who works at Atlantic, he called Cam and gave Cam my number and Cam texted me. I was like, oh shit, it’s Cam.”

After the two linked up, Cam’ron sent Wiz a song to complete and vice versa. Though he didn’t elaborate on what the songs will sound like, he said that the songs see them entering each other’s worlds.

“Cam sent me a song and I did my thing on it, sent it to him and he knocked it right out. It’s real shit that people want to hear from both of us. That’s why I put it on the album. Because the shit I did for him is me going into his world, and then the shit he did for me is polar opposites.”

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