After announcing that T.I. signed Trae The Truth to Grand Hustle, Tip also confirmed that he has added Chip and Iggy Azalea to his team. The self-proclaimed King of the South recently spoke alongside Iggy and Chip (formerly known as Chipmunk) during an interview with MTV to explain the signings. 

Chip is a newcomer to the States but has already garnered years of acclaim in the United Kingdom. As he mentioned in the interview, he felt it was time to make a transition and cross the Atlantic.

“I’m 21 now,” Chip explained in the video interview with Tip sitting beside him. “I’m pretty much, I wouldn’t say as big as I can be in the UK, but we kind of hit a glass ceiling. I got signed when I was 17. I had a platinum album, previous number one singles, Top 10 hits, countless Top 10 features. The biggest hit I had in the UK was a song called “Champion” featuring Chris Brown. It’s actually the theme song on Madden 12.” 

According to Chip, his transition isn’t only about his own work and growth. Chip said he feels he can bridge the gap between the UK and the United States. 

“It got to a point where people in the UK felt like if there was someone over there that could help bridge the gap between the cultures in the Urban music over here and in the UK, it’s me,” he explained. “Tip was rockin’ with what I was doing and we just linked up.” 

Iggy Azalea’s singing to Grand Hustle comes after news that T.I. would be executive producing her upcoming debut album, The New Classic.

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