Too Short dropped off his nineteenth album No Trespassing today, marking another milestone in his decades-long career. To celebrate the album’s release, the West Coast rapper broke down the first seven tracks on the LP, explaining that the opening cut “What the Fuck” is a response to various opinions on his longevity in the game.

“I wanted to open up with a song called ‘What the Fuck’ because basically, that’s what people say when they say I’m doing my nineteenth album,” he explained. “They’re like, what the fuck man? There’s a thing going around now where the older cats are going, ‘I hate new rap!’ and then the new cats are going, ‘Get your old ass outta here, what the fuck you doing?’ So I’m playing up on that. I’m talking about it in the song, saying, ‘What the fuck is Too Short doing still rapping?’”

Watch Too Short break down the first seven tracks below (via Complex).

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