50 Cent recently took a trip to Africa earlier this month to further his mission to alleviate hunger – a visit that has inspired him to hit the studio. During an interview with the Associated Press, Fif said that his lyrics are motivated by his experiences in Kenya but that fans will have to listen closely to interpret his message.

“I’ve put portions of my experience there in the actual songs, but it’s so small that they’ll have to listen to get it,” he said. “I wanted to keep the record, creatively, in a space where when people listen to it, they just enjoy it before they can really understand what it was I’m saying; there’s things on it that have double meanings.”

Fiddy has made it his mission to stop hunger in Africa, donating proceeds from sales of his energy drink Street King to the cause. He explained how seeing hunger firsthand has inspired him and that he’s provided more than 3.5 million meals so far.

“It enlightened me in different ways,” he said. “To actually see people under the circumstances that I saw was a totally different experience. I don’t think you can prepare yourself for that, no matter how many times you’ve seen the images.”

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