Any time and artist uses a different name, some people are left with questions. In the case of Mickey Factz, his new project for Mickey Mau5 has been one met with intrigue by some wondering who or what Mickey Mau5 is. As a result, Factz took to 3 Little Digs to be a part of an interview as Mau5, to explain what he’s bringing to people and who Mau5 is. 

“My name is Mickey Mau5 and I reside in a time period where people understand what I’m trying to give out to the people,” he explained in the interview. “I’m trying to give peopel life, inspiration, something to kinda build them up during their day-to-day.” 

When asked what he was releasing first, Mau5 shared that he will bring people to his childhood with the next release.

“The first story, the first canvas that I’m going to present to people will be called ‘Union Square,’ where I first grew up. I want people to understand where I grew up at, where I laid my head, where I saw the bums smell detestful, where I ate and sat and spray painted on the floor, where I saw mothers with their children walking around and being hungry and trying to get money for their families…Mickey Mau5 is that person who hustles to do whatever to survive. That’s what Mau5 is.”

More of the interview can be seen below.

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