News regarding DPG’s forthcoming project Alumni has started to leak since late last year. According to Kurupt, the project will be overseen by Dr. Dre and guided by Snoop Dogg as the longtime collaborators will continue their work together. In an interview with Cam Capone, Kurupt also explained what it’s like to work with Dre. 

“Dr. Dre’s gonna oversee things to make sure it sounds good and is tight,” he explained of Dre’s involvement in the project. “Snoop’s gonna basically put it together with me and Daz.”

When asked what it’s like to work with Dre, Kurupt added that he is constantly inspired by the Good Doctor. 

“You know it’s gonna be right,” he said. “It’s exciting all the time. He keeps you inspired and keeps you focused.” 
DPG fans will have to wait some time for the album to see the light of day.

“We don’t got no time frame,” Kurupt explained, saying that he’ll be more locked in on the project when his tour ends. 



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