While spending the day recording a video blog for Rocksmith New York City, Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar spoke on a number of topics including working with up and coming producers and the benefits of having a good management team.

Although Kendrick revealed that he has the ability to work with just about any producer in the game he explained that he’d much rather give an up and coming producer that opportunity.

“It’s not only my in house, I like to [work with] the fresh upcoming cats. I’m in a position where I can probably work with almost every major producer, but I feel like it’s hard for the young cats to show and prove themselves man,” Kendrick explained. “So I see Hitboy out there doing his thing and he got quality music I feel like the chemistry can only be right. You know, as far as going in the studio and making something from scratch and that’s exactly what we did. The same with everyone else man. Chase N. Cashe he’s incredible, artist and producer. Shout out to Chase. There’s tons of new cats in L.A.”

Kendrick later went on to speak on a topic that isn’t brought up too often by music artists and that is the power of a good management team. The rapper revealed that having a good management team on his side allows him to be freer creatively.

“You actually need a team that’s working on one accord trying to get to one goal, one destination as far as elevating your music and taking it to where it needs to be. When you have a management team…That’s gonna manage the music and get it to places where it needs to be that allows me to be 100 percent,” said Kendrick. “In a creative space where I don’t have to worry about that. When you focusing on the business and the music at the same time you gonna give less of to either one.”

I Am: Kendrick Lamar from Rocksmith on Vimeo.

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