Pharrell Williams was recently tapped alongside Hans Zimmer to serve as musical consultants for the 2012 Academy Awards, airing on Sunday (Feb. 26th). Speaking with Miss Info, the Neptunes producer explains what it’s been like to prepare for the big night and how there’s pressure to make sure the music doesn’t overpower the ceremony.

“As a child, watching the Academy Awards every year, that’s the most prestigious thing that you could see. So the actual ceremony, the sound needed to be that much better. It’s the assistance to the visual, so it has to be right,” he said.

Info said that she doesn’t necessarily think of the Oscars as being music heavy, and that it tends to serve as a garnish to the awards. Skateboard P agreed, stating that it’s his intention to create music that doesn’t interfere with the emotion.

“Well, firstly, to sort of answer to something that you said in the very beginning, you said that you didn’t remember something being distinctively different, or overt, is the word we use. But that’s what let’s you know that the music was perfect, because it didn’t get in the way of the emotion,” he said. “When you’re saying you don’t really remember the sound, that’s sort of an indication that the music was perfect because it went along with the show.”

Watch the full interview below.

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