The following is a statement, unedited, by T3 of Slum Village. The piece is a reaction to yesterday’s (February 8) exclusive interview with T3, Illa J and Young J, titled “Slum Village Announce Reunion And New LP, ‘Fantastic Volume 3’.”

The article released via yesterday presented some misleading and incorrect information. I want to make sure that true and accurate facts are communicated about new music and plans for the Slum Village Family of artists.

The headline for the article should have been ‘T3 talks new direction for Slum Village and new Music projects’ the headline that was in the actual posted article “Slum Village Announces Reunion And New LP, “Fantastic Volume 3″…is incorrect I, nor any of the other artists during the interview said there was a “Reunion” of Slum Village. I am sensitive to the word reunion, just as I know many of the Slum Village fans would be as well.  How can there be a “Reunion” when two of the original members are deceased or without Elzhi? That’s an incorrect statement and I never said anything about a Slum Village Reunion. What is correct, is that the Slum Village Movement continues with a cast of artists who celebrate the Slum Village legacy and want to move forward creating the funky soulful hip-hop music that we’re known for.

The Dirty District Project is the first of the resurgence of Slum Village Music. This time we’re able to take the Dirty Slum project beyond Detroit and partner with Hip-Hop greats nationally. It’s an exciting and energetic time for music and the new project with Illa J, Young RJ, Big Pooh, Focus, Mick Boogie, and others is a crazy collaboration of soulful rappers, dj and other guest artists.

The other point that was offensive in the article was the line that read “Just in time for Dilla Day, T3, Young RJ and Illa J announce the return of the Villa and announce a third installment of their “Fantastic” series.”…Just In Time…Really? It sounded like the writers were accusing us of using Dilla Day in a bad way and that’s not right. If anything, this is a time to reflect and rejoice the legacy of my brethren that left this earth too early. But what I have come to realize is they left a strong heritage of music that I’m going to continue in their honor. I truly am only continuing to do music to honor them and uphold what they started…It’s their legacy that inspires me. 

And, the drama that continues to be reported between me and Elzhi is getting old. Elzhi is doing his thing as a solo artist and I wish him nothing but the best. The rest of the back and fourth reports are old and tend to be biased. When you have reported things from Elzhi’s perspective, never have I been included in the article or given a chance to provide a perspective. In journalism, the articles are supposed to be presented objectively and I feel that hasn’t been the case in many of the hiphopdx articles.  As far as what the future holds for Slum Village, who knows? We’re doing the Dirty Slums project now and looking at doing a Fantastic Volume 3, because the request is coming from the fans. And, as far as the next evolution beyond that, more is to come.  My hope is that I can uphold the legacy that me and my partners started. Let’s all support Dilla Day, Remember Baatin, and Celebrate Detroit Hip-Hop and contribution to music overall in a positive way.

Thank you for allowing me to voice my side.


T3, Slum Village