Rapzilla.com, a premier Christian Hip Hop site, is releasing a compilation project called King Kulture in conjunction with Syntax Distribution. The proceeds from the 16-track project will benefit an elementary school in the Southwest African country of Congo.  

The school, Ecole de la Borne, was founded in 1989 by missionary Jacques Vernaud and his wife. Vernaud is the grandfather of Philip Rood, the founder of Rapzilla.com. Vernaud died in the fall of 2011.

King Culture is our attempt to take some of the best Christian Hip Hop artists and put out a compilation album to utilize our platform,” said Chad Horton, the Editor-In-Chief at Rapzilla.com. “It’s not only to showcase them to the world and give Christian Hip Hop fans something where everyone is together on one project, but it’s also a cause where proceeds benefit a school in Congo, Africa where walls are falling down and they have lawn chairs for chairs at their desk. They have class in the hallways.”

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The project features some of the best-known artists in the Christian Hip Hop genre, including Lecrae, KJ-52, GRITS, Braille, Sho Baraka and K-Drama. The album will also introduce some the genre’s new and upcoming artists.

“It’s just a variety of Hip Hop styles, ranging from a track from LeCrae, which is the biggest artist in this genre, all the way down to people you’ve never heard of,” Horton said. “We take pride in curating the content for the Christian Hip Hop culture. It’s just a quality Hip Hop project. Everybody who likes hip-hop can find something they like on it.”

The King Kulture project released today (January 31), and can be purchased here.