One of Odd Future’s obvious influences is skate culture, as the group often includes it in their music videos and has posted videos of its members skating. Tyler, The Creator was even arrested last year for apparently skating past a police officer.

So when Tony Hawk interviewed Tyler at Australia’s The Big Day Out tour, it’s no surprise that the young artist had plenty to say. 

“I did music and then I got into skateboarding because my friends did it,” explained Tyler. “This was around ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4’ around 2002. As corny as that sounds, that’s my shit. All my friends skated.”

Hawk also asked Tyler whether he asked fans to send him skate videos. “They don’t even ask! They just do it, and I be stoked as fuck! …That’s all I grew up around.”

Watch the interview below, courtesy of Ride Channel:



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