Island/Def Jam Senior VP Shawn “Pecas” Costner continued his conversation with during the second part of their “Def Jam Back” sit down interview. In this latest interview Costner spoke on his relationship with L.A. Reid and also gave a few words of advice to those new in the music industry.

“My initial relationship was made with L.A. Reid at Arista. It’s funny I worked at Arista for five years before L.A. Reid even knew who I was,” Costner explained. “He came to my little dinner that they threw me. When you work for a major corporation every five or 10 years they give you this little certificate, ‘Congratulations on your five-year bid at the company.’ So he actually came to my little celebration that they threw for me and he was like ‘Damn, I didn’t know you worked here five years.’ And we just got really cool after that.”

During the second part of his interview with, Costner finally shared a bit of advice for those just setting foot in the music industry. Surprisingly, Costner’s main piece of advice was to be yourself and stay true to yourself no matter what.

“What advice would I give any up and coming person in the music industry? The advice I would give you is to try as hard as you can consistently to maintain yourself and be the same person,” said Costner. “Don’t try to adjust or change your personality. Because if you’re dealing with an artist or somebody who’s from Atlanta or from L.A. don’t try to be something that you’re not. I always say always stay who you are. If you stay who you are and always be honest with people, cause I believe in karma, good things will come to you as you give good things to others.”



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