While it has been weeks since Common and Drake have mentioned one another in rhyme form, they are still asked about their feud. Recently, Common was asked how this feud could end. He took the opportunity to shed light on why the rhyme battle began, saying that he’s prepared to “destroy,” but adding that he doesn’t dislike Drake personally. 

“I really honestly don’t know how things will end,” he shared in an interview with Bossip. “I just want to put out there that it’s not a thing where I don’t like him as a human being or like I got something against him personally. That’s not what it is. You dissed me on record. I know you felt a certain way about certain things so if you dissed me so I had to say what I had to say. If you come at me, I’ma fight until the end. I’m not talking about physical. I’m talking about emceeing.”

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Com also added that he isn’t just confident in a battle with Drake. Instead, Com noted that he feels he can stand toe-to-toe with any emcee in a rhyme bout.

“I feel like if you put me in the ring with anybody on the mic, I’ma destroy them. I don’t care who it is. That’s how I feel. At the end of the day, that’s how every emcee should feel.” 

For more from the interview, check the clip below. 

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